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Bridget Jones : Mad About the Boy
Publication Date : 10/15/2013
Product Series: Bridget Jones
Publisher : Random House Digital
Language : eng
ISBN : 9780385350877
Synopsis : A GoodReads Reader's ChoiceBridget Jones—one of the most beloved characters in modern literature (v.g.)—is back! In Helen Fielding's wildly funny, hotly anticipated new novel, Bridget faces a few rather pressing questions: What do you do when your girlfriend’s sixtieth birthday party is the same day as your boyfriend’s thirtieth?Is it better to die of Botox or die of loneliness because you’re so wrinkly?Is it wrong to lie about your age when online dating?Is it morally wrong to have a blow-dry when one of your children has head lice?Is it normal to be too vain to put on your reading glasses when checking your toy boy for head lice?Does the Dalai Lama actually tweet or is it his assistant?Is it normal to get fewer followers the more you tweet?Is technology now the fifth element? Or is that wood?If you put lip plumper on your hands do you get plump hands?Is sleeping with someone after two dates and six weeks of
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Audience : General Adult

Details and Reviews

Industry Reviews:


It's been 15 years since readers first met the charmingly insecure Bridget Jones, and 13 since her last adventure in...


Bridget Jones, funny as ever Bridget Jones aficionados will be thrilled that, after 14 years, there is a new...

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