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Doing Hard Time : A Stone Barrington Novel
Publication Date : 10/8/2013
Product Series: Stone Barrington
Publisher : Penguin USA
Language : eng
ISBN : 9781101615867
Synopsis : Nothing comes easy for Stone Barrington in this riveting novel from New York Times bestselling author Stuart Woods.When Stone Barrington embarks on a trip to Bel-Air to check in on some business and personal concerns, he expects a relaxing break from the fast pace and mean streets of New York. But trouble never takes a vacation, and it has a way of finding Stone. A case that had seemingly been resolved has returned in full force—with lethal results. And this deadly situation makes for strange bedfellows when Stone finds himself teamed with the least likely ally…a gentleman of unique abilities, who can fly below the radar and above the law.From the high-stakes poker tables of Las Vegas to California’s lush beachside resorts, the trail of disguise, subterfuge, and murder leads to a shocking conclusion.

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